Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The "Don't Sleep" track of the day - Tia

How Do You Sleep - Jesse McCartney ft Ludacris

If you're like the rest of the western hemisphere you probably let this record pass you all the way by. (Insert heavy sigh here) It's understandable that you might have missed it. It was released and then re-released with little fanfare. And the Departure album was such a...well...departure from his first studio album Beautiful Soul that I'm sure many of his fans were too confused to even listen. And therein lies the tragedy. Departure is an amazing album. While the lyrical bravado is very reminiscent of JT with a sprinkle of Usher, the album as a whole is solid.  

I am looking forward to new material from Jesse. While I was underwhelmed by Shake, I still have faith in him. Jesse McCartney is one of those artists that you can count on to put out a solid project. His vocals are consistent. You won't catch him doing excessive runs. He keeps his voice where it needs to be and it works for him. And his songwriting is nothing short of enviable. (See that incessant earworm Bleeding Love as a reference.) Those things combined make for a great artist. So Jesse, you look like "Yes" when it comes to this site. Now good ahead and put out that R&B album that I know you're DYING to do. We'll let you be great over here.

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